Sunday, August 28, 2011



I kind of knew this. I mean, why shouldn't an online encyclopedia just be another font of the left's talking points.

I have to reiterate what I've said several times about such things. There's no "conspiracy" going on here. It's merely a matter of like-minded people (people less likely to go to church, bowling, or the local shopping mall) reinforcing their dogmatic view of life. God forbid anyone stray from their pervasive "consensus."

No doubt this hyper-clique' will be very disappointed next year in November.

Friday, August 26, 2011


The Media...not learning any lessons from previous exercises in non-objectivity

I have to say, the more I read the left's (most of the dominant media sources) "appraisals" of Rick Perry, the more I like him. If for any other reason, out of sheer spite. The media made themselves look like fools during the last presidential election. It appears they're about to out do themselves. I'd say Perry stands to gain an extra 3 to 5 points -- if he's the nominee -- just from independents' disgust with Obama coddling and Republican caricature fabrication.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Being On The Level...Playing Field

The economic truth of our time is that we live in a world where those in developed countries, who own smart phones and flat screen TV’s, think they're living the life of Spartacus or a 1930's coal miner just because some college professor, journalist, or rock musician told them it is so – it's not.

To despise and punish the very people who's risks and choices have extricated us from the swamp of collectivist obedience will just return us to a new dark age feudalism where we'll all be equally miserable. A “level playing field” is meaningless when its against the law to play.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Communism, Anti-communism, and Anti- Anti-communism

I'm currently listening to an audiobook of Whitaker Chamber's classic insight into the communist (and ex-communist) mind; Witness. I sought it out after reading of so many conservatives who sited it as, not only a required reading of conservative philosophy, but a book that “Changed [their] life,” Before beginning the unabridged version of the audio book (my circumstance makes audio books a convenient format if I'm to cover half of what I wish to in “reading” material) I had read a Chambers biography and several articles to refresh my understanding of related topics covered in a most interesting period of American (and the world's) history.

It's no doubt difficult for many today to understand the concepts of communism, “fellow travelers,” and Soviet espionage after movies and public education have served up a weak copy of events condensed into some lame soundbite/script like, “McCarthyism.” (For what it's worth, Whitaker Chambers came to see McCarthy's legacy as doing little for – actually damaging – the anti-communist cause). The “artists” and professional intellectuals of the 30's, 40's and 50's were often similar to today's limp stock of the same – enamored with any philosophy that places their imagined inferiors into a planned and controlled condition.

The psychology of communism and opposition to it (my own stance) has always held a certain fascination for me. The whole dynamic is a bit Star Warsish. On a base level there is the individual and the collective, each pulling at the rope of earthly existence and hoping (or demanding) that others will rally to their respective sides. On one side of the divide, an existence where imposed “equality” will supposedly eliminate the messy embarrassments of human moral flaw. On the other side, the cynical awareness that such flaws go with the territory of worldly existence, and a desire to be free of the “planners'” dictates.

It has always amazed/shocked me (no, pissed me off) that so many who are not communists and not sympathizers to mass slaughter and bondage are none the less apologetic, sympathetic, and sometimes in agreement with much in a political ideology that -- to me -- is clearly wrong, bad, and evil . Communism in theory and practice speaks for itself. Anyone who truly understands the theory should have no difficulty expecting the outcomes of communism in practice. If one despises the desire of an individual to be basically left alone and prefers that, instead, individuals be compelled to “join” into some greater collective unity swallowed by an all-powerful central authority, then communism is definitely the way to go – “and long live comrade Lenin!” No doubt those philosophically inclined to recoil against such a world view are seen as mere polar opposites by many and therefore part of the same tension dynamic – equally flawed or worse. I can understand that. I realize that not everyone is enamored with trials to weed out spies in the state department or inquires and blacklists regarding screen writers who supported a totalitarian enemy. Some people don't want to be part of any passion filled polarity – again, very understandable. The truly independent should be of bother to no one. What freaks me out are the “fellow travelers” and anti anti-communists (this would include many in today's Democrat(ic) party – the “progressives,” or what I like to call neo-comms since their goals, illusions, and temperament are remarkably similar to the communists of most of the 20th century). Am I accusing “progressives” of being communists? ...Well, yeah. That may not be their conscious intent but they are definitely kindred spirits and their hatred of wealth and free-markets is certainly on par with each other.

The modern day fellow traveler/true believer literally has a problem with people who are opposed to communism! Some of today's fellow travelers are among the increasing “moderates” who play up a concocted hyper-objectivity that “takes no sides” as an expression of a pervasive relativist view and phony radical skepticism (they often possess a skewed view of what is relative). Although some from this niche of “independents,” “take no side,” they definitely don't defend the side that opposes the Marxist state. It seems that – for them -- playing the “Devil's advocate” can indeed be played for the Devil only. There are few Devil's advocates that advocate the position of the United States or modern capitalism. I suppose many of these people would be now called “liberals” in mainstream jargon. Further out on the fringe, “progressives” (though the labels are now often used interchangeably). They know Stalin was bad and they know that Pol Pot didn’t exactly improve the circumstance of Cambodians but, to them, capitalism, commercialism, and “materialism” are no better. The gulag or a Big Mac? The secret police knocking on your door or a grande latte? – they're really all the same you know.

What is the anti anti-communist for exactly? 'Hard to say. Usually they spout some random cliche' about “social justice” but, again, they can't get too worked up over labor camps and mass famines (all end results of prior crusades for “social justice”). Of course social justice itself isn't a bad thing if one considers a strict dictionary definition just as “democracy” isn't a bad thing...until one realizes that generic uses and actual meaning are worlds apart. It's a pity that those who utter the cry for social justice seem so opposed to individual justice and seem incapable of even noticing that the social realm is ultimately composed of individuals.

When reading (or listening to) Whitaker Chamber's “Witness” or other overviews of events in the Cold War period, one can't help but notice that the communists who had often attained high positions in America's government at that time, are no different than many like characters we find today, continuing their worldly crusade to establish Marx and Lenin's bloody distopia – highly educated and pampered intellectual elitists demanding that the world we all come to live in is the one modeled in their heads. ...Who with an ounce of decency really wants to live there?

Monday, August 15, 2011


"Democratic" Socialism As Usual

Barely known but very important information regarding the continued injustice of socialism's grip on the future.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hobbies and Laziness...

Hi! It should be clear to anyone who views this site that it's usually pretty static. It's ultimately just a hobby of sorts and I don't like spending the time I used to on it. I still appreciate that some people find it worthy of looking at for agreement, amusement, or to anger themselves (knowing that there are people who dare disagree with the holier than thou view of the Jacobin class of intellectuals, artists, and armchair neo-comms). I think nothing infuriates a left-wing intellectual more than to find someone who completely disagrees with their worldview but also, appreciates Beethoven symphonies, Gothic architecture, and T.S. Eliot's poetry. They really would like to believe that the only way one could possibly support capitalism and a free society (especially the United States) is to be a raving Jesus freak, high school dropout, or "greedy" corporate caricature of "selfishness." Sorry to disappoint.

After having recently explored more deeply the issues that engulfed America n the 30's through the 50's regarding Soviet espionage and "fellow travelers" in the U.S., I'll soon post a brief essay regarding my thoughts on Communism, Anti-communism, and Anti-anti Communism. 'Nothing special, but I do like expressing my views on such things -- just another "guy in pajamas."

As usual, please look at my other stuff here if you're so inclined.

Now, back to mundane living and leisure....

Promethean Dude

Friday, August 12, 2011


"Anti-war"...Except When One is Kind of Okay with It

Move cultural bias here.

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